Press Tour & Fam Trip: Ischia

Fam trip to Ischia with tour of the island on board of Travelmar, and meetings with chefs and journalists. Among the protagonists is the chef Antonio Mellino of the 2-star Michelin restaurant Quattro Passi in Nerano. It will follow a visit to the submerged archaeological area of Baia and the arrival on the island of Ischia, with a tour of the island’s excellences, including producers, gourmet pubs and visit to the Danì Maison Restaurant of the Michelin-starred chef Nino Di Costanzo. Tour coordinated by the journalist Vincenzo D’Antonio from Italia a Tavola. Among the attendees – Fausto Arrighi, former Michelin Guide director, and Francesco D’Ambra of the Gabbiano Beach restaurant in Forio.


Press Tour & Fam Trip: Turin

In Turin there will be an exclusive visit at the Egyptian museum. It will follow a press conference with Luisa Del Sorbo, Manager of By Tourist, Fausto Arrighi, former director of the Michelin Guide and consultant for the hospitality area, Luigi Franchi, director of the magazine Sala & Cucina, Giuseppe Acciaio, Manager of GMA Import Export Specialty and founder of the brand Gourmet Pizzerias. Afterwards there will be a tasting of dishes inspired by the traditional Italian, Egyptian and Jewish cuisine: Le Vitel Etonné with the restaurateur Luisa Pandolfi (, El Shesh Kebab with restaurateur Mosleh Hassann (, Spirito Divino with the restaurateur Eliana Vagnetti (


Press Tour & Fam Trip: Girona

Fam trips and tastings in Barcelona and its surroundings, visit to renowned companies, among which there is the leading company in the production of porcelain and prestigious dishes – the Pordamsa of Girona, with exclusive tours for international journalists and chefs of the Mediterranean Sea. Among the attendees in Barcelona there will be various starred chefs such as Cristina Bowerman, Glass Hostaria restaurant in Rome; Michele Deleo, Rossellinis in Ravello; Vincenzo Guarino, Pievano in Chianti; Felice Lo Basso, Lo Basso Restaurant in Milan; Antonio and Fabrizio Mellino from the Quattro Passi of Nerano and again from Croatia Andrej Barbieri and from France Gennaro Nasti for the Gourmet Pizzerias, from Italy Luigi Acciaio (President Pizza Napoletana Gourmet Association) and Giuseppe Vesi (Pizzagourmet with two offices in Naples), for the patisserie from Caserta Anna Chiavazzo of Il Giardino di Ginevra – The Garden of Geneva. For the media, instead, there will be the following journalists: Edoardo Raspelli, former director of the Guide of L’Espresso and also journalist of La Stampa and of the Mediaset broadcast “Mela Verde”; Santa di Salvo, expert in gastronomy of Il Mattino; Vincenzo D’Antonio from Italia a Tavola; Luigi Franchi of Sala & Cucina; Alessia Trivelli of Adnkronos; Sara Colonna of Food.


Press Tour & Fam Trip: Etna

Fam trip among the various cellars on the Mount Etna focusing on the theme “Volcanic lives” organized by the chef Pietro D’Agostino of La Capinera restaurant in Taormina and the Sicilian referent for Med Cooking. The location for the welcoming will be “Villa Neri” on Etna, with a tour of the hotel, which represents the best of bio-architecture and boasts 5 stars, and it is located on a natural terrace from which you can enjoy a superb view of the Gulf of Taormina. Inside the hotel there is the restaurant already mentioned in the Michelin Guide – “Le dodici fontane” (The twelve fountains). Elia Russo, who has been the restaurant’s executive chef for three years, has worked with Massimo Mantarro, 2 Michelin stars chef at the San Domenico Palace in Taormina.