Med Cooking 2019, from the Italian Coasts to Greece for the protection of the sea, focusing on water and fishing.

To feed the Mediterranean Sea – Informing, promoting, protecting; these are the main guidelines on which the VI edition of the Mediterranean Cooking Congress, organized by the company By Tourist, will be focused on.
The official introduction of the 2019 events plan occurred yesterday at the Josè Restaurant in Torre del Greco with the participation of Gaetano Cimmino, Mayor of the city of Castellammare di Stabia, Antonino Miccio, executive director of the Maritime Area in Punta Campanella, Rosario Lopa, the official spokesman of the National Chamber for the agriculture, water and environmental resources, and the chefs Domenico Iavarone from Josè Restaurant in Torre del Greco and Piero D’Agostino from the restaurant ‘La Capinera’ in Taormina.
The kermis, for its VI edition, will be sailing along the Italian Coasts and it will be stopping over in Castellammare di Stabia on the 24th of March; in Venice on the 30th of September; in Taormina on the 28th of October.The conference will be held during the voyage to Greece on the 1st of October.

The prime themes for next year will be ‘water and fishing’.
Water – the primary resource for all the human beings and a fundamental one to feed the Mediterranean Sea – and its resorts will be protected through marketing projects, using research and formation corporations, institutions, associations and specialized businesses.

“We will start off with the thermal baths in Stabia, in March, through an educational plan of two days – explains Luisa Del Sorbo, manager of the company By Tourist and creator of the Med Cooking – working with the council in Castellammare di Stabia and the Protected Maritime Area of Punta Campanella; with well known chefs such as Gennaro Esposito from ‘La Torre del Saracino’ in Vico Equense, Vincenzo Guarino from ‘Il Pievano di Gaiole’ in Chianti, Alfonso Porpora from Pastabar Leonessa, the journalist Eduardo Raspelli from Mela Verde, Rosalba Giugni from Mare Vivo, Umberto Masucci from the Propeller Club who has supported the event, businesses such as the artisan pasta maker Leonessa and I Sapori di Corbara and many other important figures from the food and beverage industry and the maritime ones – the coast guard, ports and sailing companies. Everyone will be involved in the work project for the 28 water sources in Castellammare di Stabia, also called ‘the city of water’ and everyone will start off a campaign for the city to be classified as Unesco world Heritage Site.”

There will be discussions on ecosystems, and European legislations dealing with the activity of fishing, to protect the flora and fauna of this sea so deep. Afterwards, we will be sailing towards the hundred islands of Venice and in autumn towards Greece, on board of the Grimaldi, to analyze various fishing methods, transformations and limits that need to be followed in order to protect the future of the Mediterranean Sea and a constant ‘nourishment’ with a sustainable consumption.
“ An accurate knowledge on honest and aware choices – explains Rosalba Giugni, president of the company Marevivo – to cause less damages to the sea, should be our contribution to this important event where chefs, seamen, ecologists and businessmen are united. We should never forget that we should consume less to give to the sea enough time to regenerate.”
Furthermore, in 2019, money will be raise towards all these projects created to preserve the sea, with various evenings where different chefs will be protagonists with interesting menus, based on fish dishes, aiming at sensitizing consumers, fishermen, restaurant owners on what should be cooked and eaten, how and when.
The Mediterranean Cooking Congress will end in Sicily in October, precisely in Taormina, with culinary workshops, conferences, all coordinated by Pietro D’Agostino, chef patron of the Michelin star restaurant La Capinera.
Indubitably, there will also be events dedicated to the formation of the students. In fact, in February and March there will be more workhops from Gusto Mediterraneo for the students of the hospitality colleges in Campania which will be held at the Institute Cavalcanti in Naples, and which, in 2020, will be also held in Tuscany and Sicily.

A really interesting plan for next year, which will involve a professional team constituted by journalists and experts from the food and beverage industry – Santa di Salvo from Il Mattino, who has also written many enogastronomic books, Bianca D’Antonio from The Med Telegraph and counselor of the Propeller Club, Giuseppe Giorgio from Il Roma and Gambero Rosso, Filomena Petrella from Gusto Mediterraneo, Michele Armano from Il Denaro, Fosca Tortorelli partner of Identità Golose and Dario Sautto partner of Il Mattino.
Everyone will be involved for the completion of the magazine, written in two languages, Gusto Mediterraneo, created by the company By Tourist, which will be enriched by a guide on the Mediterranean Experiences.
“The workshops – explains Michele Armano, representative of the technical team of the Med Cooking Congress – will be theoretical and demonstrative, but also practical where different businesses will take part. The raw materials that we will be analyzing are olive, wheat and tomatoes. The auditors will be the students from the IV year of the hospitality colleges, which will be following the workshops in 2019 and which will be coming at the events abroad in 2020 to improve their knowledge and experience and become great chefs for the future.”

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