Let us start with the new MED COOKING 2019 program: informing, promoting and protecting in order to “feed the Mediterranean Sea” with the first stop in Castellammare di Stabia on the 24th and 25th of March. It starts from these guidelines the 2019 edition of the Mediterranean Cooking Congress, event organized by the company By Tourist, now in its sixth edition and traveling on the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea. The protagonists of this edition are water and fishing, with a view on the territorial marketing to “protect the sea, fueling the Mediterranean Sea”.


Among the protagonists attending the event in Castellammare di Stabia:
Mauro Uliassi, 3 Michelin stars of Senigallia;
Hilde Soliani, the artist of the Olfatto e Gusto;
Nino Di Costanzo, 2 Michelin stars of the Dani Maison of Ischia;
Gennaro Esposito, 2 Michelin stars of La Torre del Saracino in Vico Equense;
Domenico Iavarone of the Josè Restaurant of Torre del Greco;
Pietro D’Agostino, 1 Michelin star of La Capinera in Taormina;
Vincenzo Guarino of the CastaDiva Resort & Spa restaurant of the luxurious five-star Mandarin Oriental on Lake Como;
Alfonso Porpora of the innovative brand Pastabar Leonessa;
Maicol Izzo, 1 Michelin star of Piazzetta Milù in Castellammare di Stabia.

Giving a speech: Enzo Vizzari, Director of the Guide to Restaurants of L’Espresso, Nerina Di Nunzio of La7, Cinzia Scaffidi, writer of the book “Che mondo sarebbe. Pubblicità del cibo e modelli sociali”, Edoardo Raspelli of Mela Verde, Santa Di Salvo of Il Mattino, Fausto Arrighi already director for 23 years of the Michelin Guide and many other protagonists of the world of Taste. There will be moments dedicated to laboratories for hotels and pizza makers and to educational sports with Michele Armano from the Gambero Rosso and experts from the Neapolitan Gourmet Pizza Association, Aniello Sammarco and Dario Sautto from and 30Nodi Magazine, and the Naval League of Castellammare of Stabia.

“An event of extreme importance for the city of Castellammare di Stabia” – says the Mayor Gaetano Cimmino – “thanks to the support of the company By Tourist we have started the process for the candidature of the 28 springs from Stabia in the Unesco Natural Heritage and we are waiting for confirmation by the ministerial contacts. On the 24th and 25th of March the spotlight will be turned on an important water resource for our eco-system intervening in the front line, creating a unique synergy between public and private, contributing to the protection of the Sea resource, essential for the economy of our city and of our country”.

During the kermesse there will be a fundraising for the Mare Vivo association and the Ministry of the Environment for the protection of the Sea resource. For the occasion, local and national artistic and environmental associations, schools and colleges from various Italian regions, producers and operators in the industry have been involved.

“Culinary culture, gastronomic tradition, respect for the environment and protection of the sea; these are the ingredients used to feed the Mediterranean Sea”- says Luisa Del Sorbo, creator of the Med Cooking Congress -“and as we did for the past six years, we will sail on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. After the events already organized in Spain and Croatia, we will travel to Greece this upcoming autumn; to then return to Sicily and between the Strait of Messina, Taormina and Etna we will bring as guests the chefs of 10 nations from the Mediterranean Sea”.

The event avails itself of the sponsorship of the Propeller Club and the Municipality of Castellammare di Stabia, realized in synergy with the National Association Mare Vivo, the body of the Port Authorities, Authority of Harbor System of the Central Tyrrhenian Sea, the companies Luise Group, Stabia Main Port, Pasta Artigianale Leonessa, Mennella, Gico Grandi Impianti Cucine, I Sapori di Corbara, Associazione Pizza Napoletana Gourmet, OceanoMare Group e Gma Specialità. Media partner: Gusto Mediterraneo, Mediterranean Experiences, 30Nodi, Itineraries e


The kermesse, now in its sixth edition, will therefore sail in 2019 between the Italian coasts with stops in Castellammare di Stabia, on the 24th and 25th of March; in Venice on the 30th of September, in Taormina on the 28th of October. There will be one more stop in Greece on the 1st of October. The primary themes of 2019 are “water and fishing”. Water intended as a primary resource for mankind and fundamental for feeding the Mediterranean Sea, thus observing the water resources of the Italian coasts and, with specific marketing projects, aim at protecting these resources, using research and training institutions, associations and specialized companies.


“From here the synergy initiated with the Municipality of Castellammare di Stabia and the Protected Marine Area of Punta Campanella – illustrates Luisa Del Sorbo, manager of the company By Tourist and creator of Med Cooking – engaging in a two-day educational, in March, in Stabia; with renowned chefs such as Gennaro Esposito of La Torre del Saracino of Vico Equense, Alfonso Porpora of Pastabar Leonessa, journalist Eduardo Raspelli of Mela Verde, Rosalba Giugni of Mare Vivo, Umberto Masucci of Propeller Club who sponsored the event, producers as Pastificio Artisanal Leonessa and I Sapori di Corbara and many other important figures in the taste, information and maritime industries such as Coast Guard, Ports and Shipping Companies. All involved to turn the spotlight on the 28 different springs of Castellammare di Stabia, called “city of water”, and start the collection of signatures for the Unesco Recognition of Natural Heritage of Humanity”.

Certainly, we will be talking about ecosystems, European regulations for the fishing industry to protect the flora and fauna of this deep sea. We will be sailing to the archipelago of Venice with its more than one hundred islands rich in biodiversity, and then leave again in the autumn to Greece on board of the Grimaldi, to analyze methods and management of the fishing industry, the transformations and above all the limits that must be guaranteed, to protect the future of the Mediterranean Sea and a continuous “nutrition” with sustainable consumption.

“A correct information on responsible and aware choices – says Rosalba Giugni President of the Marevivo Association – to make less damage possible to the sea, is our contribution to this important event that brings together chefs and seafarers, entrepreneurs and environmentalists. We should never forget that it is necessary to consume less to give the sea time to regenerate in order to withdraw the interests and not affect the natural capital”.

It is precisely in favor of research projects and initiatives for the protection of the sea that funds will be collected during the year 2019 with theme nights, in which the chefs of the Mediterranean coast will be protagonists with ad hoc menus, following seasonal fishing and responsibly varying the recipes based on fish, aiming at the end of the tour to create a vademecum to inform and sensitize consumers, restaurateurs and fishermen on what to fish, cook and eat, how and when. The Mediterranean Cooking Congress 2019 will end in October in Sicily, exactly in Taormina, between culinary and scientific laboratories, round tables with consortia of fishermen, in a program full of initiatives coordinated by Pietro D’Agostino, chef patron of the starred restaurant La Capinera, in synergy with research institutions, entrepreneurs and local associations.


There will be a window dedicated to the training of new generations. In fact, in February and March the laboratories of Gusto Mediterraneo will continue for the students of the Catering Institutes in the region of Campania, which will have the I. Cavalcanti Institute of Naples as their location and which will also stop in Sicily and Tuscany in 2020. A rich program that uses a technical and professional team made up of journalists and experts in the world of taste, including Santa di Salvo di Il Mattino and writer of numerous books and essays in the gastronomic field, Bianca D’Antonio of The Med Telegraph and adviser Propeller Club, Giuseppe Giorgio of Il Roma and Gambero Rosso, Filomena Petrella of Gusto Mediterraneo, Michele Armano of Il Denaro and collaborator of the Guide to Restaurants of Il Gambero Rosso, in support for the editorial part Fosca Tortorelli, formerly collaborator of Identità Golose and Dario Sautto collaborator of Il Mattino. A team at work to complete the publications and articles included in the the double-language magazine Gusto Mediterraneo, realized by the Company By Tourist, which will be enriched in 2019 with the information guide Mediterranean Experiences with collaborators on technical contents and scientific dossiers of all the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea.

“The workshops – illustrates Michele Armano, training representative of the technical team of the Med Cooking Congress – will be theoretical and demonstrative, with a phase of research in the field that will involve the involvement of various companies. The raw materials of the Mediterranean that we will analyze will be olive, wheat and tomato. The auditors will be the students of the fourth year of the hotel cooking section, who will follow us in 2019 to the kermesse educational and after a year of training, as an internship stage, to the Med Cooking events abroad, as a fundamental training experience for the full and responsible growth of the chefs of the future”.

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