The Med Cooking event stops in Taormina from the 28th to the 30th of October for the protection of the sea, promotion of Mediterranean typicality and sustainable cuisine, to safeguard the raw materials of our territories. The tour of the By Tourist team continues for the sixth edition of the Mediterranean Cooking Congress which is supported in Sicily by the patronage of the Municipality of Taormina, and the chef associations Le Soste di Ulisse and Chic. The person who is coordinating the event is the chef Pietro D’Agostino, of the starred restaurant La Capinera, for six years delegate of Med Cooking in Sicily and always in the front line for the promotion of his own territory of origin, creating continuous synergies in Italy and abroad for wide-ranging events that give prestige to Sicily, regional beauties and flavors.
The Sicilian event will take place in three days, from the 28th to the 30th of October, traveling from Taormina to Etna between b2b, cooking show, guided tours to the beauty of the area’s archeology and wine tour, with the technical support of GICO Kitchens and large installations, the Battuta Libera team of journalists and the on-board magazine “Gusto Mediterraneo”.
Monday 28 October at 6.30 pm everything will start with the sensorial aperitif curated by Hilde Soliani, the artist of smell and taste, with DJ Enzo Persuader; followed by a welcome party set in the ancient court of Palazzo Duchi of Saint Stefano.
On October 29th at 9.30am there will be a guided tour of the Greek Theater of Taormina, followed by a public conference on the theme “Sea and Fishing, from Protection to Productivity” moderated by Guglielmo Troina, deputy chief editor of Rai in Catania, to whom top executives of maritime authorities and restaurateurs such as Pinuccio La Rosa of the 2 Michelin-starred restaurant “Locanda Don Serafino” of Ragusa will participate to experts in the world of communication such as Francesco Aielllo, manager of Southern Italy of the Guide to Restaurants and Wines of Italy of L’Espresso, Santa Di Salvo of Il Mattino and still exponents of Il Messaggero, Style, Corriere, The Med Telegraph, Identita Golose, 30Nodi, Alice Magazine, Il Giornale di Sicilia, etc.
The cooking shows will continue to enhance the sustainable cuisine of the sea thanks to the chefs of the Association Le Soste di Ulisse and renowned names from the world of cuisine coming from the most important places in the Mediterranean Sea, including Giuseppe Amato of the chef Heinz Beck team, as head pastry chef of the three-star Michelin restaurant La Pergola in Rome, Domenico Iavarone of the Jose ‘Restaurant in Torre del Greco sul Vesuvio, Marco Rispo chef of the starred restaurant Le Trabe di Paestum, Mimmo De Gregorio of Lo Stuzzichino di Sant’Agata in the Sorrento Peninsula, snail Golden Slow Food and exponent of the “Italian Awarded Treaties” as well as Ambassador of Taste. Do not miss a moment dedicated to renowned pizza makers from Campania and Sicily for the Pizza delle Due Sicilie with the team of the Acciaio family of the Gma Specialties and among the special guests Gabriele Sorice Acunzo of the historic Neapolitan pizza restaurant Acunzo from 1964 and from Spain the Master Pizzaiolo Roberto Costagliola directly from Barcelona, with Scugnizzo Napoletano electric ovens.
In the evening we change location, we will move to the Kiste ‘Easy Gourmet of Taormina, with the starred Pietro D’Agostino at the stove in combination with Italian and foreign chefs. On the 30th morning with Etna Chic there will be a press tour on the wine routes with guided tour and b2b to the Palmento Costanzo winery, where you will spend the day among vineyards and barrel cellar, in a charming and fascinating place, with the chefs of the ‘Chic association coordinated by chef Paolo Barrale, honorary president of the association.
In the evening the final greetings with the dinner open to the public for a fee at the “Dodici Fontane” restaurant of the Villa Neri Resort; where the presence of the starred chefs Lino Scarallo of Palazzo Petrucci in Naples and Vincenzo Guarino of the L’Aria restaurant in the Mandarin Oriental of Como has already been confirmed. Many professional chefs, technicians and producers will participate; the referents of the Guides to Italian and foreign Restaurants and artists committed to promoting the colors and culture of the Mediterranean. Among the typical products to be tasted during the three days there will be Capperi di Salina, I Sapori di Corbara, Neapolitan Pasta Leonessa, Almond Milk of Mennella, Ardolino Riserva for prized meats from Mediterranean and European farms, Noble fior di latte and selected Sicilian wines exclusively by the Italian Sommelier Foundation, partner of the event, and many good things to promote, protect and tell through a team of experts in the field to spread the gastronomic culture of the Mediterranean.


The program of the Med Cooking 2019 let’s remember it was inaugurated in Castellammare di Stabia in the spring, with the association Marevivo and the Propeller Club, guaranteeing the recovery of the ancient public sources in the village of the sailors, in the historical center of the city and supporting with the Municipality of Castellammare di Stabia the candidacy of the 28 springs from Stabia for the recognition of Unesco natural heritage; with the help of Enzo Vizzari, director of Le Guide of L’Espresso, Fausto Arrighi, director of the Michelin Guide for 23 years, Eduardo Raspelli of Mela Verde, Michele Armano and Giuseppe Giorgio of the Gambero Rosso Guide and many colleagues from the specialized press as Santa di Salvo by Il Mattino, Gabriele Principato by Il Corriere, Nerina Di Nunzio by Food Confidential, Rino Genovese by Rai Mezzogiorno and starred chefs like Mauro Uliassi from Senigallia, Gennaro Esposito from La Torre del Saracino, Nino Di Costanzo from Dani ‘Maison of Ischia, Maicol Izzo of Piazzetta Milu, Vincenzo Guarino of the Air of the Mandarin Oriental, Mimmo De Gregorio of Lo Stuzzichino, Domenico Iavarone of the Jose Restaurant, Alfonso Porpora of the Pastabar Leonessa and Pietro D’Agostino of La Capinera.


In September, the field research tours were started in Venice, to evaluate initiatives to be implemented to promote the various ecosystems of the Adriatic archipelago, and from the 1st to the 4th of October, the fourth year students of the hotel institutes of the Campania, which participated in the winter technical training courses on Mediterranean raw materials, coordinated by Professor Carmine Tormolino and journalist Michele Armano of Gambero Rosso, will be in Greece in Santorini for a fishing trip with experts in the sector, in which they will be explained Greek fishing techniques, types of catch in favor of sustainability, pros and cons of the sector and finally in the kitchen to prepare what they will have fished according to the customs of the place; they will continue the tour between the wine museum and tastings and comparisons with chefs on the island.


On October 14, 2019 in Florence, Luisa Del Sorbo, manager of the By Tourist and creator of the Mediterranean Cooking Congress in 2014, will award on the stage of the Guide de L’Espresso during the presentation of the Guide The Restaurants and Wines of Italy 2020, the best cuisine of seafood for the knowledge of raw materials, creativity, sustainability and commitment as territorial marketing.


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