At the Med Cooking 2019 the concept of “Balance” becomes the protagonist!
News for the upcoming 2020? A permanent Forum of Med Cooking at Stabia Main Port
and for the VII edition the Focus of the year will be “Mediterranean citrus fruits”.

“Good Sense is important. Things were once administered with the common sense of the family man. But today we forget about balance, but this is the main concept that is valid in life and it is the same for the kitchen “with these words the Sicilian Pinuccio La Rosa, of the 2 Michelin-starred restaurant “Locanda Don Serafino” of Ragusa and referent of the Le Soste di Ulisse Association, greeted the operators of Med Cooking 2019 during the Education in Taormina. The 6th edition of the itinerant kermis on the Mediterranean coasts organized by the By Tourist company, ended yesterday on the Etna wine routes with the Chic association at the Palmento Costanzo winery for the b2b between typical local producers and Chic chefs coordinated by the president Paolo Barrale.

“It was a very interesting tour and as always a moment of great confrontation – says Luisa Del Sorbo, manager of the By Tourist – I thank chefs, journalists, pizza makers, producers and all the operators of the sector who have contributed to the success of our first Sicilian appointment. Once again sustainability and protection, promotion and comparison were the main elements of an appointment organized with commitment and professionalism with the chef Pietro D’Agostino of La Capinera, delegate Med Cooking in Sicily, to whom our greatest thanks go. Now we are preparing for the 2020 with a big news: The creation of the Permanent Forum of Med Cooking at the Stabia Main Port, landing place for gigayachts in the center of Castellammare di Stabia; single port in the Mediterranean for technical characteristics and territorial tourist offer. Focus 2020? The citrus fruits of the Mediterranean”.
Meanwhile, in Sicily, we look to the future with enthusiasm, building new paths with the many protagonists of the world of taste.

“I have always followed Med Cooking – explains Pietro D’Agostino, chef Patron of the starred restaurant La Capinera in Taormina – and I wanted to have it in Sicily. We have brought together producers, seafarers and country people who have brought wonders for us to taste. The right opportunity to talk about respect for the sea and sustainability, in that great container of ingredients that is my land. I thank all those who have contributed to this wonderful experience”.
Great enthusiasm and participation therefore from the specialized Press to the trade associations, from traditional craft productions to the most innovative ones of the territory and an angel of art and creativity with the intervention of Peppino Lopez who for the occasion drew with the chef D’Agostino a work of art inspired by the Olive tree as a symbol of the Mediterranean.

“The world of catering can play a fundamental role in the concept of protection – commented Francesco Aiello, South Italy manager of the Guide to Wines and Restaurants in Southern Italy – Indeed, even diversification can be a winning element for the industry of catering. Proximity fish, for example, has more advantages: it costs less, the menus are diversified and the product is better known ”.
Protection of the sea and water resources were the central contents of the event, which also for the chefs’ cooking shows gave way to the concept of traditional recipes with diversification of raw materials.
“The problem of pollution is now the main dilemma – says Fausto Arrighi, already for 23 years director of the Michelin Guide – I hope we put ourselves seriously with the head in these things. We begin not to pollute and then seriously impose rules!”.

Therefore, with maximum attention to the Rules and the concept of Equilibrium, the By Tourist journey will continue in 2020, with the VII edition of the Mediterranean Cooking Congress which will focus on “The Citrus Fruit of the Mediterranean Coast”.


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